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Difference between chat bots

  • What is a Bot?

A bot is a software program that operates on the internet and performs repetitive tasks while some bot traffic is from good bots,bad bots can have a huge negative impact on a website or application.

  • What is a chat bot?  

A chat bot is an Artificial intelligence(AI) software that can simulate a conversation (or a chat) with a user in natural language through messaging applications,websites,mobile apps or through the telephone.

  • What is a robot?

A robot is an autonomous machine capable of sensing its environment, carrying out computations to make decisions,and performing actions in the real world.

I visualize a time when we will be to robots what dogs are to humans ,anf I.m rooting for the machines.

Bots on the internet is not  new concept,search engines like google extensively use bots,also known as web crawlers, to analyze content and index the web.The use of a bot in their case allows sites to be catalogued much faster and more scalably than humans could accomplish alone.

A chat bot is a type of boy,designed to interact with  humans conversationally,based on its programming.They automate the process of interacting with your website visitors and an social media followers in an attempt to create the best user experience.ideally,this helps your site maintain the presence of a helping hand,even when you or your team cant respond.But its exactly this human-like quality of chat bots that makes them uncanny. it gives rise to notions of “creepy chat bots” and makes the differentiation between bots,chat bots, and robots even more important.

A device that automatically performs complicated,often repetitive tasks(as in an industrial assembly line)ex: the use of robots in car manufacturing a machine that resembles  a living creature in being capable of moving independently(as by walking or rolling on wheels)and performing complex actions(such as grasping and moving objects)often: such a machine built to resemble a human being or animal in appearance and behaviour.

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