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Intelligent Chat bot

The power of chat bots is not lost on the business world.As brands focus on promoting personalized experience,more and more intelligent chat bots are being built to engage users and improve brand image.That aid it is rarity to find a live intelligent chat bot,also called as AI chat bot.As the thought of a chat bot springs up,we know it is not a real person for sure what we know is that chat bot brings a human touch.For that to become a bots need to be really intelligent.The crux is not the chat bot rather it is the intelligence quotient of the chat bot that can bring the human touch.

It is the intelligence that gives power to the AI chat bot to learn from conversations and handle any and every situation that comes its way. As chat bots move into complex territories,raising the intelligence quotient becomes increasingly difficult.

Intelligent bots help users accomplish specific tasks by identifying user intent from text or voice conversations using artificial intelligence.

How do we determine if a chat bot is intelligent ?

The AI chat bot comes with the ability to fix a goal and work autonomously to achieve that goal.This is easier said than done where identifying the goal for a specific situation is a hurdle in itself to cross. The chat bot adheres to a three-step process for realizing the is the sense-think-act cycle that can define the intelligence of a chat bot.An AI chat bot goes through this cycle to make progress towards pre-defined goals autonomously.

Ability to sense

For an AI chat bot,sensing the environment where it resides becomes a prerequisite for getting the information required to perform a task. The chat bot finds it easy to listen to what the user says than make sense what is being conveyed by the user. Take the case of a robot that you want to becomes a challenge  to infuse sensing power into the robot for there is a dire need to integrate the robot with the most modern sensors.

sharp to think
in simple words chat bot must think what to do when a user places his request.The chat bot must convert information received from a user into an understandable format and store it in a knowledge base.An AI chat bot makes a decision by leveraging pre-existing knowledge and one that it acquires continuously.Based on the decision, the chat bot takes action to achieve pre-defined goals.use neural networks in machine learning to make the chat bot think and take actions depending on the request placed by the user. The knowledge base influences the learning capability of the chatbot from the past conversations with users.Take the case of Siri and Google now.Their intelligence is due to the knowledge stored internally.This knowledge base helps in learning faster,identifying relevant information and providing a response that is relevant. Information gathered and learned guides the chat bot to decide on the relevant action.Taking decision is more about what the chat bot has to reply to a user’s request.Predictive analytics using machine learning can make the AI chat bot plan ahead about queries that would come from the user. This can make the chat bot more intelligent.

Quick to act

As the thought cycle gets over,the chat bot knows the action it has to take to respond to user,Now the chat bot has to act.The chat  bot now type out the reply to a specific query raised by the user





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