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Marketing is a function that relies increasingly on technology and as more technology tools emerged to meet the needs of modern marketing, these Marketing Technology tools have collectively become known as MarTech. The blended name concept is one that has cropped up in other sectors as well,such as DevOps(Development Operations),a term used in the world of software development.Lets take a closer look at MarTech and its impact on marketing field MarTech,otherwise known as Marketing Technology,is the term for the software and the tech tools marketers leverage to plan,execute,and measure marketing campaigns.MarTech tools are used to automate or otherwise streamline marketing processes,collect and analyze data,and provide various means of reaching and engaging with your target audience.The suite of tools a company leverages for marketing processes is known as MarTech stack.

Monitor  every customer touch point and deliver contextual customer experiences across sales & marketing channels and throughout the customer journey.Boost your sales revenue and improve customer retention.

DAM is the heart of the MarTech Stack.

A MarTech Stack typically consists of a few care tools,although the specific tool used can very from company to company. Some companies have complex MarTech Stacks,while others rely on the essentials.A complete MarTech Stack should address every stage of the marketing cycle attracting,engaging,converting,managing and understanding your target customer. Some of the most common tools and technologies in the MarTech Stack include:

  • Digital Asset Management – A DAM solution is widely considered  the heat of the’s where your content is aggregate and managed. As content is the driving force behind marketing,having a single,centralized resource for managing a large volume of digital assets is the key to marketing efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Analytic Tools – You cant improve what you can’t measure and that’s why today’s enterprise rely on analytics solutions more than ever before.The competitive landscape is tough in many industries,forcing marketers to constraintly step up the game to outpace the competition analytics tools provide a quantifiable means of measuring the effectiveness of marketing messaging campaigns channels, and more.
  • Lead Management – Lead management tools help marketers engage,nurture and qualify potential leads to determine sales-rediness.
  • Customer Relationship Management – These tools help companies  keep track of their customer base,providing a central resource for sales and customer relationship team members who need to interact with customers and prospects.Email marketing may be a built-in technology or procured as a separate service,but seamless integration is essential between a CRM and email marketing solution.
  • Marketing Automation – Another technology often integrated with email marketing and CRM  marketing automation tools can streamline the process of nurturing leads by initialing specified actions based on consumer behaviour.
  • Content Management System – These solutions allow marketers to manage a company’s web presence including primary websites,blogs,landing pages,and more.
  • Social Media Management – Social media management tools simplify the process of managing and engaging users across the many social media platforms today’s consumer use.

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