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The Advent of an E-Commerce platform SYKAMART to pitch your Business


Sykamart is an Online Marketplace where product and service information is provided by third-party sellers. These sellers can sell new or used products on a fixed-price. Using Sykamart Marketplace, third-party sellers gain access to the customer base and help streamline your production process. 

How is it useful for Third-party sellers to acquire consumers?

A platform like Sykamart can cater to the needs of your consumers as it offers them with varied options of Products, Selectivity, Availability, and also help reduce the Service Cost. 

What do we offer? 

In our application accessible in both Android and Apple phones, we offer 

  • Zero Documentation 
  • Zero Transaction Charges 
  • Multiple Shipping Options
  • Multiple Language Support
  • CRM Portal for Shop Owners – Customer Relationship Management (CRM) acts as a single repository for customer support activities.
  • Free Lime Time Updates

Using Sykamart Marketplace, third-party sellers gain access to the customer base and help streamline your production process. 

Why should you use our application to up your productivity game?

The Multi-language service:

We take pride in announcing our built-in function for a multi-language service in almost 12 and more different languages like English, Arabic, French, Mandarin, Tamil, Hindi, German, Spanish, Malay, Korean, Japanese, etc. 

Multiple Payment Options for an increased Clientele:

Customer reliability and payment flexibility are our priorities for which we offer various choices between payment options. 

Cash-On-Delivery services along with all online payments like Bank Transfer, PayPal, Stripe, Other Payments Gateways (Future Releases) is available.  

A Cognizance on Sykamart

Our customizable business dashboard which is an information management tool helps track, analyze, and display key performance indicators (KPI), metrics, and key data points to monitor the health of our business. 

Efficient Inventory management system: Our application is well featured with a centralized inventory that focuses on a well-equipped SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) to streamline the ordering and logistics process, product types, case pack, assembly, and much more. 

Optimal order management: Our best order management feature keeps track of orders coming into the retail business and procedures involving it. It manages the delivery and also after-sales issues and relevant returns.

Pricing: The right price is the most determining factor for the success of a business as we concentrate on various governing factors like the relevance and significance of price, product value in monetary terms, nature of the market, demand, and competition.

Fully-loaded E-commerce CMS: Our Content Management System (CMS) works as the front-end user interface that allows even an inexperienced user to add, modify, and remove content from a website without the intervention of a webmaster. Its features aid in indexing, searching and retrieving, format management, and revision control. Thus it becomes extremely user-friendly to update your store and maintain a healthy and pleasant clientele involvement.

Store Admin Dashboard Demo: To demonstrate the capabilities of the application, you can explore by clicking on to our URL: Click Here to View Demo. You can also access the demo through our mail ID given below.


Password: sykamartdemo

Our Swift Approach on Up-gradation and Security: Our Inclusive services on entire detailing about Upgrades, Security including the SSL-certificates for encrypted connections, Server configuration, and Hosting is well taken care of. So all that you have to do is the vending and we do the rest efficiently.

The Pricing Plan Categorization: To understand the different plans or subscriptions we offer four classes of pricing namely Free, Standard, Business, Premium. A detailed and relevant outlook for each of our pricing has been explained below.

Free: We support through Email with a 3% Transaction Fee for 25 products.

Standard: We support through Email with no Transaction Fee for 100 products.

Business: We support through Email and phone with zero Transaction Fee for up to 1000 products and a free E-commerce Website.

Premium: We support through Email and phone with zero Transaction Fee for unlimited products. We also offer a free E-commerce Website and mobile application on your own brand name with integration from advertisements.

Potential Benefits of Sykamart: Vending through Sykamart allows a flexible business opportunity with relatively low start-up costs. With additional channels to market and sell your products and other positive aspects like trust-building factors between you and customer, impartial review of products that could provide a gateway to new customers, and the opportunity for overseas sales, this could be a marvelous occasion to up your business to the next level. Grab it and take a breather!

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